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We Represent OHNs in Manitoba

The Manitoba Occupational Health Nurses Interest Group (MOHNIG ) is an interest group affiliated with the Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association (COHNA) and as RNs are accountable to the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM). MOHNIG provides the following opportunities to its members:

  • To become more familiar with the types of nursing skills required to practice in a wide variety of unique practice settings

  • To be mentored by current occupational health nurses (OHNs)

  • To provide educational opportunities in existing practice settings

  • To be advocates for change to provincial workplace safety and health legislation

  • To coordinate with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) about updates to the OHN certification process

  • To communicate with the CRNM about distinguishing between the roles of nurse practitioners, public health nurses, and OHNs


The practice of occupational health nursing is exciting and rewarding. There is an increased need for occupational health nurse specialists throughout Manitoba.

Learn More about OHN Scope of Practice HERE


A Forum for Learning, Education & Outreach

Manitoba’s occupational health nurses are individually and jointly dedicated to the prevention of occupational illness and injury and promotion and maintenance of the health of workers in all occupations.  Occupational health nursing is a specialty within the broader profession of nursing and requires special skills and knowledge in the fields of occupational health and safety education, counseling, environmental health, rehabilitation, human resources, ergonomics and more.  The Occupational Health Nurse or OHN acts as the liaison between the workplace and the community in issues related to preventing and managing occupational illnesses and injuries.


The Manitoba Occupational Health Nurses Interest Group, therefore, serves the following purposes:


1.         Acts as a resource for occupational health nurses by:

            (a)   coordinating educational opportunities designed for occupational                       health nurses.

            (b)   providing a forum for discussing shared problems, concerns and                         solutions whether arising at the individual or workplace level. 

2.         Acts as an organized body that can represent the overall interests and                concerns of occupational health nurses in Manitoba as a group, to                      governments, professional associations, educational institutions, and                  other bodies that may set policy or have concerns regarding                                occupational health.


3.         Provides education to the public (especially workers and employers),                  governments, and other disciplines concerning occupational health                    issues and the role of the occupational health nurse.

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